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Take a look at all of the departments at Connectome that keep us moving forward. Out community has to offer a variety of projects. Look around and if you find something interesting or have an idea don't hesitate and join us!


The Education Pillar aims at bringing you closer to the world of Neurosurgery, Neurology and in general Neurosciences. For that, we organise our so-called Hippocampus Sessions, which are exciting lectures with doctors from all over the world sharing their knowledge and clinical expertise. Moreover, there are different lecture series, such as the “That is Neuro-“ series, in which you can learn about the different clinical specialties that are concerned with Neurosciences. Recently, we have introduced our “Connectome Curriculum” where we bring Neuro- knowledge to you through social media. Making sure to bring knowledge to you in whatever way works best for you, we were able to establish our Spotify podcast “Heschl Horizon”.    Whichever platform you are most active on – make sure to check us out!


The Connectome Science Department overviews the association’s scientific endeavours. It organises various events and initiatives such as the "Evolution of a Neuroscientist" and "What's new in neuroscience?" which aim to acquaint students with the research world and give insights into clinical academic careers in the neuro-specialties. Additionally, it also provides students with opportunities to get involved  in neurosurgical and neurological research both through the Research Hub, which facilitates contact to reseachers looking for support, and through research projects led by our association. 


Our Social Team is dedicated to addressing social issues within the realms of neurology and neurosurgery. Our main project, the Alice Rosenstein Program, aims to foster collaboration and mentorship between accomplished female neuroleaders and aspiring medical students. This initiative creates a supportive environment that empowers and guides the next generation of female professionals in neurosurgery and neurology. In the current semester, we have organized 7 mentoring groups, each led by an inspiring female neuroleader, with a total of 18 motivated medical students.


If you are passionate about gender equality and would like to be part of the Connectome Task Force, let's make a difference together! If you are passionate about gender equality and would like to be part of the Connectome Task Force, let's make a difference together! Contact Erika Kerbalek at “[email protected]”or Ester Ilg “[email protected]” and become a part of the project!

Social Media and PR

The Social Media and PR Team is responsible for keeping our members and followers informed about the latest events of the Connectome. They work tirelessly to create engaging content and share it across various social media platforms. Their goal is to increase awareness of the society and its mission, as well as to foster a sense of community among our members.

IT Team

The IT team is responsible for the technical support of all events, the webpage and the technical infrastructure of the Connectome and the "Brain Tumor Segmentation Challenge". The latter is a project that is focused on teaching the basics of AI and giving the opportunity to students to participate in research involving teaching algorhythms and preparing data. We are always looking for new people, so if this sounds interesting to you make sure to join us!

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